Minggu, 01 Mei 2016

My Holiday

on Thursday, the 2nd of January 2016 I was with my mother and my two younger twin man holidaying in the area of ​​Bandung, Bandung us to visit Park City Hall (Taman Balai Kota)  is located at Jl. Wastukencana No. 2, Babakan Ciamis, West Java, Indonesia.
Regional Parks Hall are free and open, there are some facilities of which there is a padlock of love, rhino statue, not far from the statue of rhino there are statues of carp, there is also the tap water is ready to drink, gazebo which is fenced in but also we can sit in a child the gazebo stairs, sculpture Dewi Sartika Radan, there are also the Masjid Al-Ukhwuwah, and there are also new facilities are the sports arena, there is also a health center and its definitely there is also an office for employees
There are many teenagers who danced, many tourists who simply recognize and perpetuate the places and facilities there, many are visiting with family, etc.
Sometimes there is always a "bandros" meaning Bandung Tour on Bus double-decker bus that resembles his worth in Europe, "bandros" has two levels and its surrounding area in the city of Bandung such as jl. Sunda
Continue telling my holiday with the family, in Park City Hall Bandung we perpetuate some pictures there

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